Day 137, Time 06:13
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Public waypoints:

/salty (coming soon)

A community area for crafting, trading, and setting up vending machines.


An invulnerable community zombie killing base where you can party up with other players to share XP during horde nights or screamer farming.

Player commands:

/set home, /set base, /set home2, /set base2

Saves your home/base location so that you can teleport to it later using the /home or /base commands.

/home, /base, /home2, /base2

Teleport to your home/base.

/set wp [name]

Create a waypoint that you can teleport to.

/del wp [name]

Delete a waypoint.

/wp [name]

Teleport to a saved location.


Prints out a list of your currently saved waypoints.


Teleport back to the spot you teleported away from.

/bag, /pack

Teleport to the location of your death.


Prints out a list of all players within 250 meters.

/whenferal, /hordenight, /bloodmoon

Tells you when to expect the next blood moon.


Check to see if you are in a reset zone. This can be helpful when deciding where to build your base.